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5 Mistakes That Artificial Lawn Turf Owners Need to Avoid

10th September, 2019 , Artificial Grass

 At Lawn Turf Farm, we are aware of the painstaking effort it takes to maintain a lawn. Which is why, we always try to provide the best quality artificial grass that money can buy for our customers who are more interested in the lawn grass rather than the process of growing a lawn. However, as one of the most popular artificial grass providers in Dublin we are surprised how often we receive complaints from customers about their artificial grass spoiling too fast.

It needs to be said, that in spite of being pre-fabricated, artificial grass also needs care. For that matter, customers need to pay attention even when they are buying the artificial grass. One cannot be satisfied with external appearance and cost alone. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid at all costs, when you own artificial grass:

  1. Prioritising Price of The Turf

A lot of customers think that just because it is pre-fabricated, artificial grass should cost less. However, artificial grass is not something that which you can simply pick out of a bargain bin. Premium quality turf can last you a good 15-25 years and help you appraise the value of your home.

So, if you do not pay a good price for artificial turf, then do not expect positive result over the years. Cheap-priced artificial turf can fade in consistence or droop from negligible use. So, if you do not want this investment to go to waste.

   2. Prioritising Look and Feel

Customers, especially those who have no prior experience of owning or maintaining a grass lawn, often judge their purchase based on external factors. At Lawn Turf Farms, we always advise customers that ‘look’ and ‘feel’ are not the best criteria when it comes to value-for-money artificial turf.

If you want a lawn for strolling and treading, then buy artificial grass that is soft but with stiff fibres. If you are inspecting samples for artificial turf purchase, then look for the samples with long blades. Once the artificial turf is installed, the grass blades will be smaller in size. So, if you have to judge by appearance, go for the turf with attractive, long blades.

  3. DIY Grass Installation

A lot of customers try to cut corners by going the Do-It-Yourself way with the installation. Customers, who are not accustomed to artificial turf, must never try to install the same without professional assistance. Most customers end up breaking the blades of the glass when they try to install artificial turf themselves.

In the age of the internet, a lot of customers think that they can avoid extra costs by following tutorial videos on Youtube, to install artificial turf. However, these videos do not teach you the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of artificial grass installation.

  4. Using Poor or Wrong Materials

Without laying down a proper soil base, topsoil or any layer, you run the risk of allowing your artificial turf to get wrinkles, and moisture drainage issues. Installing good quality turf requires proper excavation for a deep foundation and other tasks that help the turf settle.

As the owner, you must allow the proper formation of sub-base materials. Good soil naturally has air pockets that allow the moisture to drain via the porous substrate. An imbalance in these layers can lead to the turf shifting and producing wrinkles.

  5. Cleaning up After Pets

As much as we love our furry friends at the Lawn Turf Farms, we always recommend our customers to clean up after their pets if they allow the latter onto their artificial turf. Animal faecal matter is not only aesthetically displeasing but odorous as well. Using deodorants for spraying on the lawn after has pet has defecated on them, can help keep the smell at bay. It also helps to clean up after them quickly so that their waste matter does not spoil the composition of the turf.

We promise you a positive experience with artificial turf, provided you avoid these mistakes.