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5 Things We Should Remember When Buying Artificial Grass

20th September, 2019 , Artificial Grass

The first thing that comes to our mind when buying anything is the budget. However, the budget isn’t the only thing that you should consider when choosing artificial grass. Furthermore, if you desire a long life term of your turf then making the right decision is very important. If you are confused about choosing the right artificial grass for your lawn then check the following points for your advantage. However, don’t get all messed up because when you will understand the difference between various turfs then choosing the right ones will become easy for you.

What is the traffic?

Traffic can be best defined as the tolerance capacity of turfgrass on the area where you wish to place it in your property. Experts recommend highly durable lawn turf in properties where there are kids or pets who love playing outside. On the other hand, laying turf that is not durable can wear out within a few months if it has to tolerate a lot of roughness or activities. It is also true that choosing highly durable turf means you will have to compromise on comfort unless you are buying the expensive ones.  The main characteristic of quality artificial grass Dublin is that they are not only durable and soft but also expensive at the same time.


As we were discussing quality, a turf of the best range will be soft when touched. Hence, if you are looking for turfs of the best quality then you should go for the ones with polyamide or polypropylene turfs. Furthermore, a good quality turf will have an even height and will be well stitched with a consistent colour. However, it is also true that a quality turf is going to be costlier than the other range of turfs in the current market. Even though quality turfs are costlier but still it is a good investment in the long run. In that case, make sure to search for suppliers or manufacturers who have a wide range of turfs so that you can compare them before buying the one in terms of your desire.


Height refers to the length of the grass from the base to the tip. There are chances that the height of the sample grasses may not be of the same height to give you a perfect idea of the product. If you are having doubts when buying online then ask the supplier to provide a proper sample of the product so that you can buy with confidence. Also, choosing the ones with a taller height will ensure lush green lawns in your yard. Nevertheless, longer grasses are heavier and usually bend after a point of time, which means it will look flat after a point of time.

In case, you want to bring a natural look to your lawn then you can try the 30-37 mm sized lawn turf. On the other hand, if you are planning to place furniture on the turf then go for a pile with a shorter height.
Also, artificial grass has lower maintenance than natural grass. However, it is also true that maintenance increases the longevity of artificial grasses. Moreover, all turfs require more or less maintenance and some require more care than the rest of the others. It is also advised to take into consideration whether the place is subject to falling debris from trees or some other things that can damage the lawn turf.