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Artificial Grass

Lawn Turf Farm has been providing the highest quality and the most realistic artificial grass in Dublin. With unparalleled quality and class service & installation we can meet any turf need. If you are living in an area with limited rainfall, artificial turf is an environmentally responsible way of enjoying your outdoor space while reducing your usage of natural resources.

Having a lush, green well-manicured lawn doesn’t have to mean hefty maintenance. The advancement in the technology has resulted in eco-friendly products. The new breed of artificial grass is realistic, sustainable, functional and above all virtually maintenance free.  Nowadays manufacturers have developed a number of ways of making artificial turf look more like a real thing.

A glance At The Benefits

= Turfgrass is Low Maintenance

= Artificial grass offers versatility

= Sustainability of Artificial Grass

= Beautiful Grass Appearance

Installation Of Artificial Turf

The installation process for artificial turf is almost similar to sod lawn, with little key difference

  1. Lower the existing grade to about 4 inches below your desired finished grade
  2. Put the edging materials including brick, concrete, curbing or bender bord
  3. Roll out artificial turf on the prepared surface
  4. Connect any seams using specially designed tape
  5. Pull the turf taut and get it secured around the edges using galvanized nails every 6 inches
  6. If needed, add infill materials including sand or rubber pellets.
  7. Use a gas powered broom to brush the nap into an straight position to sustain the natural look

So, contact Lawn Turf Farm to keep your residence look pristine with artificial grass landscaping and feel the difference.

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