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Lawn Turf Farm offers professional grading and SOD installation to residents and business owners. If your lawn is not in good situation or if you want parts of your yard to have a patch of green, take help of landscape gardeners in Dublin. With our expertise and knowledge in installing Turfgrass sod, you can have a beautiful lawn in no time.


SOD is a pre-grown roll of soil & turf that are being installed by landscape providers wherever it deemed necessary. Turfgrass SOD installation is the process of installing rolls of sod in areas that have been prepared for a lawn. Having an area set professionally for SOD is bit difficult to its establishment and also your long term satisfaction. Our final grade service includes shaping of existing grass, weeds and debris as well as levelling the soil to remove the small variations of high & low spots in the lawn.

Key Benefits of the Service

There are multiple benefits of sodding that commercial and residential property owners will surely appreciate including:

Quick installation: Our expertise and equipment lets us professionally prepare a lawn and install the sod in a day.

Quick establishments: Once installed, sod will be established quickly and ready for use two weeks after installation.  On the other hand, seed will take a month or so and will not look as thick or lush as sod.

Eco-friendly: When it comes to being eco-friendly, SOD is always a better option. It requires minimum watering post establishment. It keeps the soil erosion at bay and doesn’t require harmful chemicals to fight off weed as sod is weed-free.

For more information about landscaping in Wicklow and Turfgrass SOD installation, feel free to get in touch with Lawn Turf Farm.

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