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Do you have worn patches on the lawn? Lawn Turf Farm is recognised as the leading providers of lawn seed in Ireland, committed to deliver high quality instant lawn grass seed in Ireland for all our customers.  Whether you are looking for that perfect carpet of lush green to feel between your toes or searching for lawn solution that demands little maintenance on your part, we have got the right lawn seed in Ireland.

Be it a small residential yard or a large commercial requirement, we handle it all diligently.  We take pride in having a team of experts to take care of the lawn turf need with utmost diligence. All the grades of turf we have been producing are grown from the best grass seeds and are nurtured on our own farm. Our experts are available for any assistance over email, phone to help you grow your perfect lawn with confidence.

Repairing The Lawn With Grass Seed

If you have ample space around your house in Ireland you can get down to the action of sowing seeds and grow your lawn. What is so good is that all our seeds are 100% pure and are guaranteed to grow.

Lawn Reoairing with grass seed is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create the perfect conditions for the seed to grow.
  2. Choose the right grass seed
  3. Sow the seed and watch it grow

Here are a few things which you need to keep in mind while shopping for grass seed:

Get What you pay For: Seeds that are of low price results in poor lawn. Grasses that make better lawns are always bit expensive. It is because the grasses have lower seed production potential than the lower quality grasses. However, remember a lawn should last for several years, hence a small increase in the cost during the establishment will reap good returns.

Make sure you are only paying for grass seed: When you buy a bag of seed, it includes much more than the grass seed. The bag includes dust, chaff, weed seeds that fails to germinate and other crop seed. To add more, several companies are now add high percentage of germination aids with the seed. The additives though help during the establishment, however when present, they leave little room in the bag for seed.

Find out which species you are going to use: Some grasses do well in shade while some do well in sun and some has the capability of thriving in both. There are some grasses that demands moderate amounts of nitrogen fertilizer, while some very little. The grass is often sold as a mixture of several species which will let you choose a combination of species that would fit the need for your site.

Consult local data: Once you are done with the decision of which grass species to be chosen, you can have a look at the cultivars evaluation results.

So, if you wish to grow your lawn in Ireland with confidence, find the perfect lawn seed selection from Lawn Turf and get the perfect carpet of lush green.

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