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Lawn Turf Farm has been the ideal destination for sand supplies in Enniskerry. We deliver the best quality material in good volumes with the option of our easy delivery service. We make it a point to offer necessary suggestion on the exact sand product for your needs whether it is for sand pits, landscaping projects, concreting or anything else.

When the summer is knocking at the door, the gardeners on the pursuit for greener lawns start searching for quality fertilisers and relevant products. Although there are numerous lawn care products in the current times, lawn sand stands as the ideal choice to use on grass especially in April. In that case, the Lawn Turf farm explains the benefit and importance of lawn sands for maintaining a park or garden in contemporary times.

What is Lawn Sand?

It is, of course, a conventional product when it comes to ensuring the good health of a lawn. It is used to promote vigorous growth and to destroy any moss.The typical use of lawn sand is to control moss in the turf. On the other hand, it can be described as the thing that is used for toughening the turf against diseases or provide food to the grass to increase its immunity power. It can be applied at any time of the year but is used primarily during the springtime for treating the moss. That is why it is advised to research and find the best Lawn sand suppliers so that you can get the best product for maintenance and caring for your lawn.

Lawn sand is made of three different ingredients, which are sulphate of ammonia and sulphate of iron and sand.


In particular, sand has no special benefit but it is used as a carrier for the other two elements and to bulk up the product.

A typical mixture of lawn sand would be:

  • One part sulphate of iron
  • Three parts sulphate of ammonia
  • Ten parts of sand

What is the right time for applying lawn sand?

It must be understood that applying lawn sand too early may not bring fruitful results. Maybe the iron sulphate will remove the moss, but the sulphate of ammonia will not work if the temperature is still cold.

In that case, it is better to wait for the weather to warm up, which would be the middle of March. However, the temperature and weather can vary from one place to another where the weather starts warming up much earlier.

The point is to wait for some early signs of grass growth which takes place only with the rise of the temperature. Once you observe situations like this, then it is time to apply the lawn sand for the best results. Nonetheless, it must be remembered that removing the moss from a lawn will require at least two weeks after the lawn sand has been applied. Also, it will make the yard look ragged contrary to the fresh green appearance. That is why it is essential to see some grass growth to support the lawn in recovering quickly.

So, if you are looking for a moss-free & healthy lawn, embrace lawn sand as the greening tonic and keep your lawn look perfect.  For any queries about the lawn sand or other products, feel free to get in touch with us or speak to our team member.

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