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Lawn Turf Farm is recognised as one of the leading lawn turf growers in the industry. We are committed to deliver high quality instant lawn turf for all our customers. We believe no job is too big or too small. Be it a small residential yard or a large commercial requirement, we handle it all diligently. We take pride in having a team of experts to take care of the lawn turf need with utmost diligence. All the grades of turf we have been producing are grown from the best seeds and are nurtured on our own farm. The turf guests inspected and nurtured daily to ensure steady quality. The good thing is that our turf is harvested to order, ensuring you get quality turf, whenever you decide to purchase.

First and foremost, before you opt for planning your seed, you need to ensure your soil is well prepared. The soil should be free from all the unwanted debris. Large clumps of soil and large stones will prevent good root penetration in the area so make sure you remove all unwanted materials.

It is important to take into consideration the right seed that aptly fits your lawn. Choosing the right seed can be a great asset to your overall landscape. Prior to choosing the seed make it a point to look at your lawn. Also consider the climate you live in. Each of these factors can help you make the best decision for your lawn.

Well, if your lawn bears some sort of grass, it is imperative to choose the same type of the lawn grass seed Ireland since that would ensure a uniform appearance. Having the lawn uniform in appearance will keep your landscape aesthetically beautiful. Treating the lawn with fertilizers can be a little different for specific grass types. Be it for aesthetic purpose or increasing the volume of the lawn, choosing a single grass type can be the best choice in the long run.

Also while choosing your lawn grass, it is important to consider the seasonal climate and the extent of sunlight while selecting the lawn grass seed. The entire thing depends upon on your preferences but one should not overlook the climate and sunlight conditions.

So, if you are looking for Turf suppliers, look no further than Lawn Turf Farm. Get in touch with the leaders in the industry to get the best instant lawn. For free quote just give us a call!

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