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The Maintenance Tips For Your Artificial Grass Lawn

9th July, 2019 , Artificial Grass

Is garden maintenance giving you nightmarish experience? Are you dealing with extreme drought condition? If so, then artificial grass is the contemporary solution to your landscaping issues. The grass is a practical alternative for balconies and lawns, letting you enjoy the wonders of nature in homey comfort. The artificial grass provided by The Lawn Turf Farm has a natural appearance and appears very soft. As one of the leading artificial grass suppliers in Ireland, we offer aesthetically admirable and cost-effective artificial grass services.

The Lawn Turf Farm offers landscape lawns that are just versatile and are mostly used in home, school and other facilities. They are apt for areas where natural grass doesn’t thrive for heavy foot traffic and low maintenance. What is worth mentioning is that the artificial lawns are of low maintenance. You would be able to save plenty of time and money by not having to mow, fertilize or heavily water your lawn,

As with any landscaping needs, Lawn Turf goes a long way to ensure longevity of your turf. Here are some tips to keep your lawn look at its best:

Clear Debris:

Try to make a good use of the rake or the leaf blower to get rid of the fallen leaves, branches and other rotten debris that can land on the top of artificial grass. Make sure you don’t shift the sand infill if your turf is a filled surface. This certainly helps your grass maintain a clean and well groomed look.

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Get Some H2O

Try to spray your lawn gently every week with a hose to get rid of the dust, pollen or so. Occasionally watering your artificial grass lawn helps prevent unequal infill distributions.

Cleaning Up

The grass appears safe for pets and serves effective in cleaning up of their solid waste. It is just as easy as on real grass. Here the pooper scoopers just work well. Generally it is all that is needed to keep the surface face and clean. You can also dilute vinegar in equal parts to water and pour over the area to neutralise the odours.

Cleaning Up After Little Mess

Your lawn and its aesthetic values are meant to be enjoyed at its fullest. Don’t worry about getting your lawn stained as most spills can be drained out with a bit of water. For the stubborn stains, try using soap with lukewarm water. You can also dilute vinegar in equal parts to water and pour over the area to neutralise the odours.

Remember, artificial turf is a long term investment. No matter how durable the product is, its capacity to hold up well over time depends upon the skills of the professionals installing it.  Artificial grass from the grass suppliers lets you enjoy your backyard with complete peace of mind. So what are you waiting for? Take the time out to enjoy your regular family barbeque or invite friends over for a party. Add fresh lease of life into areas of your home or garden with Artificial grass and feel the difference!