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Top soil has gained popularity amongst people who wish to lay turf and ensure the turf grows well. It is the foundation of any robust landscaping scheme and hence it is essential to know the composition, quality & source.

If you are planning to lay a new lawn in Dublin, it is important to check that your existing soil is up to the mark. A good soil preparation appears to be the most time taking part of laying the lawn, but it will ensure your lawn gets off to the best possible start.

If you have the plan of removing an existing lawn while redesigning the garden, chances are that your soil will be of good quality to lay your new turf. If your soil is of poor quality and remains neglected, give your turf the best start by adding a layer of the topsoil in Dublin.

Turf generally demands around four inches of top soil to root in. It is not all the time necessary to add four inches, however you may just need to add an inch or so based on the depth and quality of the soil. Our Top soil for sale is available in bulk bags which are approx one cubic metre in size and hold just under a tonne of soil. Turf is not at all that typical plant when it comes to soil. It can grow in most soil type so as long as you buy a quality turf and initiate top soil screening you can go for wrong.

Now, once you are happy with the thickness and the quality of the layer of topsoil that you have, you are sure to carry out the following stages of soil preparation:

STEP1: Make use of the spade to turn over 15-20 cm of soil. Make it point to break long any larger pieces.

STEP2: Weeds need to be completely removed from the area. This can be performed by hand or through the use of weed killer. Make it a point to avoid residual weed killer as they take a while to flush out the system. You can just remove the weed physically so that they don’t encroach upon the new lawn.

STEP 3: Make it a point to clear out all the debris and the large stones from the area. Well, if you buy good quality top soil in Wicklow, your task of sorting out the debris will be bit lower.

STEP 4: Make it a point to level the soil surface for your new lawn. Try raking it multiple times in order to get an even plot. This would make the new lawn look more impressive.

STEP5: The final step would be to tread lightly across the surface.

Precisely, soil preparation might often be overlooked, but it is undoubtedly an important step in a bid to get the lawn you can be proud of. So invest a good deal of time behind turf laying and see the difference. So if you need any assistance regarding top soil products, our experts are always on hand to help you give necessary advice on turf requirements. To get the necessary assistance give us a call today!

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